Oncology and Pathology Lab Company

Optimizing Data Management in the Medical and
Laboratory Industry through RPA: A Case Study

  • Client Overview

    Our client, our client, boasts a two-decade legacy of trust and precision in the field of pathology testing. Esteemed by clinicians, specialty hospitals, and other path labs, our client is renowned for providing second opinions and final diagnoses using the most advanced technology and expertise. Their national presence spans over 50 labs, 400 collection centers, and 2500 service associates, offering a comprehensive range of over 4,000 different tests across more than 200 technologies.

  • Client Challenge

    Our client faced several challenges in their data management process, including

    • Compiling reports from different portals into a single online Lab Information Management System (LIMS) with accuracy.
    • Manual data entry from reports on various portals.
    • They are dealing with duplicate and erroneous data within their live LIMS system.
    • They are gathering data from different portals with varying formats.
    • Time-consuming manual entry taking 5-6 hours to input report records into LIMS.
    • Time-consuming manual entry taking 5-6 hours to input report records into LIMS.
    • Accumulation of erroneous and inaccurate data in the LIMS.
  • Automation Requirement

    The client sought an efficient solution to address these challenges and streamline their data management processes. The primary objectives were to eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, enhance accuracy, and optimize human resource allocation.

  • Our Solution

    Our solution aimed to automate and improve Our client's data management processes.

Key Components of the Solution

  • RPA Implementation using UI Path

    We utilized UI Path to automate the data entry process, creating validation checks, integrating data from multiple portals, and optimizing data management tasks.

Solution Implementation

  • Automated Data Entry

    Implementing automation to eliminate manual data entry, reducing the time and effort required to input report records.

  • Data Validation

    Ensuring accuracy and eliminating erroneous data in the LIMS system.

  • Integration of Multiple Portals

    Connecting and gathering data from various portals into a common structured format.

  • Efficiency Enhancement

    Reducing the time taken to upload records in the LIMS system from hours to just 1-2 minutes.

  • Error Reduction

    Achieving error-free data entry with a high level of accuracy.

  • Human Resource Optimization

    Minimizing human intervention in the data management cycle, allowing resources to focus on more value-added tasks.

  • Ui Path

    Amid Implementation Challenges

    While implementing the solution, we encountered a noteworthy challenge linked to the intricacies of integrating data from diverse portals, causing initial hiccups in the process.

  • Blue Prism

    Adapting and Triumphing

    Recognizing the significance of adaptability, we refined our approach to overcome this challenge. Our revised strategy involved creating specialized integration modules for each portal, ensuring smoother data assimilation and enhancing overall efficiency.

Benefits Realized

Efficiency and Time Savings
Reduced the time required to upload records from hours to 1-2 minutes.

Error Elimination
Achieved error-free data entry with a high degree of accuracy.

Resource Optimization
Minimized human involvement in data maintenance, allowing for more efficient resource allocation.

Enhanced Data Quality
Improved the quality and reliability of data in the LIMS system.

Streamlined Processes
Streamlined data management processes, ensuring smoother operations.


By automating data entry, validation, and integration processes, our solution significantly improved Our client's data management efficiency and accuracy. It eliminated errors, reduced manual effort, and optimized resource utilization, ultimately enhancing the overall data quality and reliability within the LIMS system.

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