Architecture and Design Company

Efficiency Breakthrough: A Case Study of Streamlining Data
Operations in the Architecture and Design Industry with RPA

  • Client Overview

    Our client is a US-based architecture and design company with over a decade of experience, known for creating over 70 unique spaces across multiple states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington. Their expertise lies in architecture and design.

  • Client Challenge

    Our client faced a challenge in managing extensive budget sheets for their projects. These sheets included over 500 item lists, along with shipping, tax, storage, and installation quotes. Additional tabs contained sales codes, vendor details, and client information. The task involved mapping these item details to their Studio Portal, matching sales codes for each item from the sales code tab. It also required matching room numbers to specific items and uploading images for each item. Initially, designated employees handled this task manually, taking over a week and resulting in errors during the budget sheet upload to the portal.

  • Automation Requirement

    Recognizing the need to streamline and expedite their budget sheet management while ensuring accuracy, our client sought an efficient solution to automate the process of extracting and entering item details into their Studio Portal.

  • Our Solution

    We implemented an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution using UiPath to address these challenges.

Key Components of the Solution

  • RPA Implementation with UiPath

    Leveraging UiPath, a leading RPA platform, we designed and deployed automation bots to validate files and process data in the studio portal.

Solution Implementation

  • Data Validation

    The bot read and verified all data in the budget sheet.

  • Image Validation

    It checked for the availability of all required images.

  • Error Handling

    Rows with missing data were sent to an error log for review.

  • Data Processing

    Rows with complete data were automatically processed.

  • Image Upload

    The bot uploaded images corresponding to each item.

  • Notification

    An email notification was sent upon successful processing.

  • Ui Path

    Encountering a Hurdle

    In the early stages of implementation, we faced a specific challenge tied to the intricate formatting of certain budget sheets, leading to inaccuracies in data extraction.

  • Blue Prism

    Enhanced RPA Approach

    Recognizing the critical need for flexibility, we promptly adjusted our RPA approach to enhance the bot's capability to navigate complex budget sheet layouts by increasing element finder accuracy. This strategic modification resulted in significantly enhanced data extraction accuracy and reliability.

Benefits Realized

Efficiency and Time Savings
Processing a single file now takes a maximum of 2-3 hours, a significant improvement from over a week when done manually.

Error Elimination
The risk of incorrect data uploads, prevalent with manual entry, was eliminated.

Enhanced Efficiency
The client experienced significantly improved efficiency in managing and uploading budget sheet data to the Studio Portal.


By embracing RPA technology and implementing key solution components, Our client successfully addressed its challenge of managing complex budget sheet data. The solution reduced processing time and eliminated errors, leading to a more efficient and accurate data upload process. This automation implementation greatly benefited the client in terms of time and effort savings, ensuring smoother project management.

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