Energy Provider Company

Seamless Operations: A Case Study of Data Integration
Optimization in the Energy Provider Industry with RPA

  • Client Overview

    Our client is a prominent energy broker in the United States, specializing in providing tailored, cost-effective energy solutions based on the best energy plans available. It helps commercial and home users choose the best energy plans by giving options to compare and choose among electricity and natural gas prices from different suppliers.

  • Client Challenge

    The client faced several challenges related to managing data from powerhouse providers that supply power to industries

    • Handling multiple Excel sheets from different providers, each in various formats.
    • Manual uploading of these files into a SQL database.
    • Managing unstructured data in the database.
    • Difficulty in identifying the best supplier selections.
    • Administrative burden due to unstructured data.
    • An ineffective user experience when choosing a supplier.
  • Automation Requirement

    The client sought a solution to automate the data integration process, merging multiple files into one and pushing them into an SQL database. The key objectives were to structure the data, streamline the upload process, and enhance the user experience when selecting suppliers based on accurate pricing.

  • Our Solution

    Our solution aimed to automate and improve the client's data integration process, including the following components

Key Components of the Solution

  • RPA Implementation with UiPath

    Utilizing UI Path we created automated processes for data integration, data structuring, and database uploading.

Solution Implementation

  • Automated Data Integration

    Implementing automation to merge multiple files from different formats into a single structured file.

  • Database Integration

    Automating the upload of data into a SQL database.

  • Data Structuring

    Converting unstructured data into a common format.

  • Supplier Selection Enhancement

    Improving the user experience by providing structured and accurate pricing data for supplier selection.

  • Ui Path

    Overcoming a Hurdle in Implementation

    As we delved into the implementation process, we encountered a notable challenge linked to the complexity of certain Excel sheet formats provided by different powerhouse providers. This posed initial difficulties in merging and structuring the data accurately.

  • Blue Prism

    A Strategic Plan

    Recognizing the need for adaptability, we adjusted our approach to tackle this challenge head-on. Our revised strategy involved developing customized data transformation modules for each provider's format, ensuring seamless data integration and structuring.

Benefits Realized

Efficiency and Time Savings
Reduced the time to upload each file from 15-20 minutes to just 1-2 minutes.

Structured Data
Achieved structured and common format data in the database.

Improved Supplier Selection
Enhanced the user experience for selecting suppliers based on accurate pricing data.

Administrative Efficiency
Reduced the administrative burden associated with unstructured data.

Data Quality
Improved data quality and reliability within the database.


Through automation, our solution significantly improved the client's data integration process, reduced upload times, and enhanced the user experience when selecting suppliers based on accurate pricing information. It also structured data in a common format, eliminating unstructured data issues and improving overall data quality within the database.

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